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Gyro-Guide GWD70™

Gyrodata introduces a new addition to the Gyro-Guide GWD™ suite of tools. Capable of surveying from vertical up to 70 degrees of inclination. Developed for durability, reliability and highly accurate azimuth readings while enduring the harsh drilling environment.

A new revolution in guidance adds the rate-gyro sensor to MWD systems in drilling operations.

Key Applications and Advantages

  • High inclination kick-offs.
  • Accurate and reliable well bore placement while drilling.
  • Accurate and real time well bore navigation during high inclination close approaches.
  • High inclination well interceptions, for example relief well operations.
  • Elimination of gross errors by comparing GWD and MWD survey data.
  • Gyro-Guide saves considerable rigtime and provides a safer operation by eliminating the need to use wireline gyros to orient or steer drilling assemblies.
  • Unaffected by magnetic interference, Gyro-Guide sensors can run closer to the bit in the MWD string by eliminating the need for nonmagnetic spacing collars.
  • Fully integrated guidance system compatible with all major MWD directional companies and BHAs including Rotary Steerable Systems.
  • Continuous inclination and tool face from vertical while sliding and full surveys on demand.
  • Proven ruggedized proprietary rate-gyro and accelerometer sensor array with a shock isolation system.
  • IMT mode option allows for accurate survey operations in areas with excessive BHA movement, such as on floating structures and riser-less operations.
  • Fastest surveying times in the industry.
  • Provides continuous toolface data from vertical while drilling and full surveys when required.
  • Communicates in real-time through the host MWD mud pulse or EM telemetry system.

GWD70™ Specifications Gyro-Guide GWD™ Probe
  • OD 1.875 inches
  • Length 18 feet
  • Pressure rating 20,000 psi
  • Temperature 150°C
  • Weight 175 pounds
  • Max inclination to 70°
System Accuracy
  • Inclination ±0.1°
  • Azimuth ±1.0°
  • Toolface ±1.0°
MWD Specifications Supplier Dependent.

Download   Download the Gyro-Guide GWD70™ informational flyer (470kb)