AADE-19-NTCE-101 High Density Continuous Gyroscopic Surveying

Improved accuracy when gyroscopic surveys are combined with magnetic surveys

It Takes Two

Gyrodata explains the benefits of utilizing both a gyro and magnetic survey, in the February issue of Oilfield Technology

WellGuide RSS Reaches New Lateral Lengths in Granite Wash – Over 9,000 Feet

OmegaX Utica Shale



Case Study MicroGuide Discovers Major Anomaly in Wellbore and Accurately Places Rod Guides in Texas

OmegaX™ Spec Sheet

All-Attitude Solid-State Memory Gyro System

OmegaX™ Flyer

All-Attitude Solid-State Memory Gyro System

OmegaX™ Reduces EOU by 65% in East/West Well in the DJ Basin – Saving Over $60,000

OMEGAX™ Reduces EOU By 63% in an East/West Well in the Bakken Shale – Saving Over $60,000

Oilfield Technology – October 2018

Maximise production through tubular integrity management

Wellbore Quality as a (W)hole Topical Forum

Solutions for high accuracy wellbore placement


Rod Guide Placement Based on High-Resolution Tortuoisity Analysis of Production Tubing

MicroGuide Spec Sheet

High Resolution Tortuosity Log

GyroDrill Performance Motor Handbook

Directional Drilling Mud Motors for a variety of drilling applications

WellGuide RSS 4.75-in Spec Sheet

The 4 3/4 Inch Well-Guide RSS

WellGuide RSS 7-in Spec Sheet

The 7 inch WellGuide RSS

WellGuide RSS 10-in Spec Sheet

The 10 inch WellGuide RSS

WellGuide RSS Tools Spec Sheet

The revolutionary point-the-bit rotary steerable system


All-attitude Gyrocompass Tool Offers Significant Enhancement in Survey Accuracy over the Highest Performance MWD Magnetic Systems


All-Attitude Gyro While Drilling Technology Provides Accurate Surveys in High Angle East/West Directional Wellbores Delivering Reduced Costs and Increasing the Length of the Producing Zone


Wellbore Tortuosity Analysed by a Novel Method May Help to Improve Drilling, Completion, and Production Operations


Combining MWD Ranging Technology And Gyro While Drilling (GWD) In High Inclination Wellbores Deliver Reduced Drilling Costs And Complexity Without Compromising Safety


New Gyro Drilling Technology Delivers Accurate Azimuth and Real-Time Quality Control for All Well Trajectories


Well Bore Collision Avoidance and Interceptions - State of the Art


Petrophysical Base of Reservoir Saturation Type Prediction in Interwell Space


The Estimation of Filtration Reservoir Properties with Log Data


High-Angle Gyro-While-Drilling Technology Delivers An Economical Solution To Accurate Wellbore Placement And Collision Avoidance In High-Density Multilateral Pad Drilling In The Canadian Oil Sands


Improving the Quality of Ellipse of Uncertainty Calculations in Gyro Surveys to Reduce the Risk of Hazardous Events like Blow Outs or Missing Potential Production Through Incorrect Well Bore Placement


Magnus: Utilization of Conductor Sharing Wellhead Technology To Access Additional Hydrocarbons With a Slot-Constrained Platform


Wellbore Positions Obtained by MWD-IFR May Be Less Accurate Than Predicted


Gyro While Drilling Technology - Solution for Directional Top Hole Drilling


Gyro Guidance Techniques and Telemetry Methods Prove Economical in Onshore Multiwell Pad Drilling Operations in the Piceance Basin


High-Integrity Wellbore Surveying


Prediction of Wellbore Position Accuracy When Surveyed With Gyroscopic Tools


High integrity wellbore surveys: methods for eliminating gross errors


The reliability problem related to directional survey data


Prediction of Wellbore Position Accuracy When Surveyed With Gyroscopic Tools


Acquisition of Directional Survey Data with Adapted Logging Tools


Integrated study of Vatyogan oil field, West-Siberian region of Russia


A New Rate Gyroscopic Wellbore Survey System Achieves the Accuracy and Operational Flexibility Needed for Today's Complex Drilling Challenges


Small-Diameter Inertial-Grade Sensors Significantly Enhance Wellbore Survey Accuracy


Application of Small-Diameter Inertial Grade Gyroscopes Significantly Reduces Borehole Position Uncertainty