Calibration Facilities

Custom designed, fully automated and highly accurate: Our calibration stands ensure our tools always perform at the highest level!

Custom designed, fully automated and highly accurate, our unique calibration stands ensure our tools always perform at the highest level!

All Gyrodata’s regular gyro services go through an extensive Quality Assurance Cycle, which consists of 8 stages. Every stage is an integral part of Gyrodata’s QA/QC procedures, and assures that all tasks, both in the office or the field, are performed to the highest standards – resulting in the most accurate survey available to the industry.

One of the most important stages in the QA cycle is calibration. The QA cycle begins and ends with this important step. During calibration, all the modular sections of the survey system are extensively tested and monitored in the same configuration it will be deployed to the rig site. During monitoring, the tool is placed in a series of known positions with relation to True North and vertical, over the full spectrum of operating temperatures. Knowing the expected response at each of the computer controlled positions, the computer is then able to calculate the inclination, azimuth and toolface represented by any intermediate accelerometer and gyroscopic readings. The highly accurate, custom made calibration stands used for this purpose were designed and developed by Gyrodata. Properly isolated from outside influences, all calibration stands are aligned to True North within 0.001 degrees and are able to rotate to any angle of inclination, azimuth or toolface to an accuracy of 5 arc seconds (5/3600 degrees).

With the calibration results for the particular system obtained, the complete system is tested again on the rig site before and after every job. The results of these tests are compared to the initial calibration results, and used to verify the survey system is operating within Gyrodata’s strict QC parameters.

A review of the final survey report format takes place in the office by a fully qualified and experienced staff member; if all is in order the survey report is stamped with the SQ³ seal of approval and presented to the customer.

Survey Quality – Data accuracy through standardized procedures resulting in Quality Assurance