Gyrodata provides full directional drilling services utilizing our internally designed and manufactured systems.

Our highly experienced personnel bring many years of knowledge to bear when planning and designing bottom hole assemblies to execute the desired well profile. A dedicated well planning staff provides 24/7 support offering plan revisions, plan vs actual reports, anti-collision and torque & drag analysis.

Gyrodata's Drilling Systems

GyroDrill™ Performance Motor

Gyrodata’s GyroDrill performance motors are designed to withstand the harshest downhole conditions while delivering superior performance in a wide range of drilling applications.

The GyroDrill fleet is managed with a comprehensive serialized component tracking system which greatly extends motor life and ensures consistent reliability.

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WellGuide™ RSS

Gyrodata’s WellGuide RSS™ is a true closed-loop, fully automated rotary steerable system that enables superior directional control for optimal wellbore placement, ultimately maximizing production.

WellGuide supports pre-programming of the target course for both azimuth and inclination, eliminating routine surface interaction – delivering significant cost savings.

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MagGuide™ MWD

Gyrodata’s MagGuide MP, EM, and dual telemetry systems are designed to deliver superior performance and reliability for the most complex drilling operations.

Combined with our proprietary sensor calibration techniques, multi-station analysis, and short collar correction algorithms, the MagGuide system provides greater survey accuracy – ultimately ensuring you get it right the first time, every time.

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