Proven, reliable performance in harsh drilling conditions in fluid, air or foam. Adding Gyrodata’s rate gyro services provides a total re-entry horizontal drilling package.

Gyrodata’s total package guidance service offers a level of state-of-the-art, cost-efficient and reliable technology found nowhere else in the industry.

Services include

  • Electronic magnetic wireline steering tool services
  • Real-time gamma logging, temperature and pressure
  • Single-conductor electric wireline services (truck and skid-mounted)
  • Adding Gyrodata’s rate-gyro services provides a full package service for re-entry drilling with: gyro multishot, whipstock orientation, gyro steering, Mag-Guide to TD.

When should you call Gyrodata for guidance?

In designing a guidance program, electric wireline operated steering-tool systems are often required – or preferred – to guide a directional project. Measurement-while-drilling systems, which do not rely on wireline for telemetry and power, are not always the answer. Steering tools offer several significant advantages:

  • Immediate real-time readout at surface through wireline offers enhanced reliability and faster directional response for any operation.
  • All-angle operation, real-time response and small downhole assemblies provide cost-efficient guidance for short-radius horizontal drilling projects.
  • Steering tools provide reliable guidance in underbalanced drilling situations.
  • Gamma ray and pressure sensors optimize formation detection, depth control and safety.
  • Steering tools provide guidance for coiled tubing operations.
  • Steering probes can also be configured to run single- and multi-shot surveys.

Electronic magnetic steering-tool operation

Gyrodata’s electronic magnetic steering-tool system provides precise drilling guidance in all directional drilling applications. The system consists of a downhole probe, interface unit, surface computer with printer, and a “Drillers Console”, which displays toolface angle with a servo-driven pointer and wellbore azimuth and inclination in two liquid-crystal display.

The Mag-Guide probe utilizes triaxial accelerometers and magnetometers for directional measurements, which can be accomplished at any angle of inclination. The system runs on single-conductor electric wireline and data is retrieved real-time at surface. Special software provides complete self-testing and data-quality monitoring capability to assure proper operation at all times.

The downhole probe is shock-isolated and housed in a beryllium pressure barrel for rugged drilling conditions and operating pressure to 12,000 psi. In addition, downhole shock is monitored at surface in real-time as a control measure to prevent damage to the sensors.

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A total package service for electronic magnetic guidance and logging-while-drilling applications

Key applications of the steering tool/logging system include

  • Kick-offs / Sidetracks
  • Horizontal / Short Radius Drilling
  • Re-entry / Multi-lateral Projects
  • Air Drilling / Underbalanced Drilling Operations
  • Coiled Tubing Guidance
  • River Crossing / Trenchless Construction


Mag-Guide Steering Tool / Logging System

  • Mag-Guide probes: shock isolated
  • 1.37″ – 1.75″ OD
  • Beryllium copper pressure barrel
  • Temperature rating: 150°C/300°F – 175°C/347°F
  • Operating pressure: 12,000 psi
  • Resolution: azimuth, inclination, toolface – 0.01°
  • Measurement range: all angles
  • Interface unit: 8″ x 11″ x 11″, 12 lbs
  • Driller’s Console: 9″ x 8″ x 4.5″, 10 lbs, 50-100″ cables
  • Input power: 60 watts maximum, 120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
  • Laptop Computer; printer
  • Readings: inclination, azimuth, toolface, magnetic field strength, dip angle, gravity field strength, probe temperature, wellbore temperature

Gamma Probe: Scintillation Detector

  • Gamma probe: 1.75″ OD x 27″ long
  • Temperature rating: 150°C/300°F
  • Operating pressure: 12,000 psi
  • Shock mounted
  • API standard calibration
  • Sample rate: 1.6 seconds to 1 minute
  • Real-time data while drilling
  • Printed strip log
  • Depth tracking: .05 – .1 feet

Pressure Detection

  • Pressure probe with sub: 1.75″ OD x 37″ long
  • Shock mounted; strain gauges
  • Measurement: annulard/drillpipe pressure, temperature
  • Real-time data while drilling
  • Reading: PSI
Total System Capability

  • Probe length (ST/GR/PR): 17 feet
  • Short radius: 0 to 90° inc. in 40 feet

Gamma ray logging probe

The 1.75″ O.D. by 27″ long gamma sensor provides real-time logging-while-drilling for optimum formation detection and depth control. The probe is highly ruggedized for extreme drilling conditions and can connect below the steering tool directly above the motor for optimum data gathering near the bit. Sample rates can be adjusted from every 1.6 seconds to one minute. Logging can be accomplished while rotating with this system, as well as sliding, and a complete strip-log can be printed upon completion of a run. The ability to log while drilling eliminates the need to strip-log while pulling pipe.

Pressure detection

Both annular and drillpipe pressure are plotted real-time at surface with the 1.75″ O.D. by 37″ long pressure tool, which can be run in conjunction with both the steering tool and gamma probe. Real-time pressure data provides critical information for underbalanced drilling conditions. Pressure data is plotted on a strip log alongside gamma, rate-of-penetration and survey information.

Wet-connect systems

Wireline wet-connect systems eliminate the need for surface side-door subs and allow rotating while drilling. Gyrodata provides a full range of wet-connect systems.

Single-conductor electric wireline units

Gyrodata provides complete electric wireline service for steering tool/logging while drilling operations. Units are fully self-contained with up to 32,000 feet of high-temperature singleconductor electric wireline. Both single- and tandem-axle vehicles are available, as well as skid-mounted cabins.

Incorporating Gyrodata’s rate-gyroscopic survey technology provides a full package service for re-entry drilling operations.

Rate-gyro multishot

High accuracy rate-gyroscopic multishot surveys can be taken while traversing to seat for steering operations, while pulling out, or during other operations, such as whipstock orientation runs. Precise wellbore position information at the start of a re-entry operation, especially in older wells, assures accurate well planning. The continuous rate-gyro survey system can be pumped down and survey on-the-move to horizontal for a definitive TD survey.

Whipstock orientation

Along with the increase in horizontal drilling and re-entry operations, rate-gyros are being used routinely throughout the world to orient the whipstock/ packer assemblies prior to drilling out of the casing window.

Rate-Gyro steering out of the casing window until free of magnetic interference assures an accurate start to drilling operations and eliminates the need for time-consuming single-shot gyro runs.

Gyrodata’s rate-gyroscopic steering system provides real-time surface readout of orientation data while drilling – offering considerable time savings, exceptional reliability, and more staying power and heat resistance than any other system available today. A record 31 hours was logged in the Austin Chalk at 146°C with the 1.75-inch steering gyro probe.

Case histories

  • Wyoming re-entry: 2 7/8″ drillpipe, 3½” motor orientation. 1.75″ OD steering gyro run – 139 hours in hole at 125 g.p.m.
  • Austin Chalk re-entry: 12,000 feet, drillpipe, motor. 1.75″ OD steering gyro run for 12 hours at 250 g.p.m.

When free of magnetic interference, Mag-Guide™ wireline steering tool/logging services can take the well the rest of the way to total depth on target in any drilling environment.


Type RGS Continuous
Sensor Performance ±0.05° Inclination, ±0.1° Azimuth, ±0.05° Tool face (1 sigma)
System Performance SPE WPTS approved models
Inclination Range 0-120° with pump down capability
Tool Length 10-22ft (3-6.7m) average
Max Survey Speed Up to 300ft/min (92m/min) depending on well conditions
Tool Weight 66-275lbs (30-125 Kg.)