Gyrodata’s GyroDrill performance motors are designed to withstand the harshest downhole conditions while delivering superior performance in a wide range of drilling applications.


Gyrodata offers mud lubricated-style downhole motors which are available for straight, directional, or horizontal drilling. These motors feature a sleeve on sleeve upper and lower radial bearing which provides radial support and controls the flow of the fluid through the bearing stack. The motors also feature multiple tiers of hardened thrust-bearing races and rock bit balls that provide the endurance to withstand long continuous run times in any drilling environment.

Power sections offered by Gyrodata offer a wide range of bit speeds and torque which can be tailored to function in both hot hole temperatures and inverted mud systems. Gyrodata motors are available in high speed, low torque and low speed, high torque multi lobe configurations. Gyrodata mud motors are designed to meet very high criteria with the primary focus on reliability and simplicity. This produces an extremely tough and versatile mud motor, which offers the performance necessary for a variety of drilling applications.


  • The Gyrodata designed bearing assembly is a straight forward concept which features a typical stack up of thrust bearing races and rock bit balls along with upper and lower radial bearings. This simple yet robust design allows for greater load capabilities and reduces the stresses on individual components. Thus extended run periods and low operating costs can be expected.
  • The heavy duty driveshaft assembly is a ball driven design that converts the eccentric rotation of the rotor into concentric rotation for input into the bearing assembly. The driveshaft transfers the thrust load from the rotor caused by the pressure drop across it. The driveshaft assembly is also re-buildable and re-useable which can be easily assembled or disassembled.
  • The adjustable bent housing (ABH) is designed so the bend angle can be easily changed in thirteen separate increments from 0º to 3º on the rig floor which can produce a wide range of build rates. Gyrodata motors can also be assembled with a fixed bent housing (FBH) which also are manufactured in various bend angles.
  • Gyrodata mud motors can be modified with multiple power section models that produce various speed and torque outputs to accommodate customer needs. All stators are lined with hard rubber elastomer which produces maximum power section output.

Technical Specifications

Motor SizeConfigurationHole SizeFlow RangeRevs/GallonRPMWeight
4 3/4"5/6 8.36-7 7/8150-3001.03103-2841100
4 3/4"7/8 2.66-7 7/8150-3000.2639-791100
4 3/4"7/8 3.86-7 7/8100-2750.5858-160990
5"6/7 8.06-7 7/8150-3500.87130-3031100
6 1/2"6/7 5.07 7/8-8 3/4300-6000.2984-1682105
6 1/2"7/8 3.37 7/8-8 3/4300-6000.1442-842600
6 3/4"4/5 7.08 1/2-9 7/8300-6000.50150-3002050
6 3/4"6/7 5.08 1/2-9 7/8300-6000.2984-1682185
6 3/4" Short Bit to Bend6/7 5.08 1/2-9 7/8300-6000.2984-1682185
6 3/4"7/8 3.3 ESX8 1/2-9 7/8300-6000.1442-842700
6 3/4"7/8 5.78 1/2-9 7/8300-6000.2472-1502750
8"7/8 4.09 7/8-12 1/4300-6000.1648-1443600