Gyrodata’s popular Magnetic Single-shot Survey Tool, providing borehole inclination and azimuth.

Magnetic Single-shot Survey Tool

Gyrodata supply and service the innovative and popular Magnetic Single Shot, borehole inclination /azimuth tool. Gyrodata has the latest advances in downhole electronics, coupled with high quality manufacturing and calibration and a simple and easy to use surface computer that guarantees dependable well deviation monitoring.

Magshot tool

Gyrodata’s Magnetic Single-shot Survey Tool

Gyrodata Survey Tool

The Gyrodata Magnetic Single Shot tool is a compact lightweight tool with full quality control ensuring confident wellbore deviation monitoring. The tool is powered by disposable “C” cell batteries and the tool is downloaded via a wireless Radio download cradle.

Gyrodata Surface Panel

Dedicated touch-screen surface computer with wireless and hard wired tool communication. Built into a rugged stainless steel, wall or yoke mounted Rig Floor Display. Easy to read software, power and data signal indicator, USB download and carrying handle.


Compact rugged design, simple touchscreen system. Full triaxial accelerometers/magnetometers for dependable monitoring. Wireless and back-up cable connection for tool download. Running gear includes cable head and fishing neck for .092 slick line, top and bottom centraliz- ers, shock sub, sinker bars and spacer bars if required. All surveys stored to memory with time, date, depth, survey, check shot survey, and QC check with raw accelerometer and magnetometer values. Minimal wait time on bottom, 75 seconds.


  • Simple set up and running procedure
  • Rig time savings
  • USB download for survey retrieval
  • Rapid tool rig up and down


Azimuth0-360°Temperature150° C / 302° F
Accuracy±1.0°Battery Life75 hours 4-C Cell
Inclination0-180°Battery Length14"
Accuracy±0.1°Tool Length34 ¼"
SensorsTriaxialTool OD1 ½"
Shock and Vibration1500GPower Supply PC110V 50/60 Hz
Pressure12,000 PSIMemory1060 surveys expandable