MagGuide MWD

Gyrodata’s MagGuide MP is a ruggedized mud pulse MWD system designed to deliver superior performance and reliability for the most complex drilling operations.

Combined with our proprietary sensor calibration techniques, multi-station analysis, and short collar correction algorithms, the MagGuide MP system provides greater survey accuracy – ensuring you get it right the first time, every time.

Design + Performance

  • Enhanced configuration and programming flexibility to support a wider range of drilling applications and environments
  • Improved drilling dynamics logging, enabling both real-time and post run memory analysis
  • Robust survey quality management system with dynamic survey quality control, ensuring sensor and survey accuracy to error model
  • Extensive sensor testing in a dedicated non-magnetic roll test and calibration facility, ensuring consist quality of each and every sensor of our MWD fleet
  • Operated with Gyrodata’s fully automated state of the art MWD/DD software, delivering highly efficient and accurate reporting
  • Seamlessly integrates with industry leading GWD, LWD and RSS systems, reducing disruptions to ongoing operations, and eliminating unnecessary associated equipment costs

Market + Application

  • Monitor near boundary/lease-line wellpaths
  • Monitor tight geological targets
  • Monitor and correct drifting vertical wells

MagGuide Specifications

Directional performance ±0.25° inclination
±2° azimuth (0-360°)
±1° tool face
Data transmission Positive Mud Pulse
Probe size 44mm (1.75")
Operating temperature 150°C max. (300°F)
Operating pressure 172 Mpa max. (25,000 psi)
LCM tolerance 85 kg/m³ (30lb/bbl)
Collar sizes / Flow rates 203mm (8")
2600-4100 lpm
700-1100 gpm
165mm (6½")
850-2800 lpm
225-750 gpm
121mm (4¾")
570-1300 lpm
150-350 gpm