WellGuide RSS™ 

Gyrodata’s WellGuide RSS™ is a true closed-loop, fully automated rotary steerable system that enables superior directional control for optimal wellbore placement, ultimately maximizing production.

WellGuide supports pre-programming of the target course for both azimuth and inclination, eliminating routine surface interaction – delivering significant cost savings.

Design + Performance

  • Non-mag construction for near-bit directional sensor placement (azimuth/inclination) for greater precision and accuracy
  • Engineered to provide full control at low angles down to 0.5° ensuring enhanced wellbore integrity compared to conventional RSS systems.
  • Compatible with available MWD system to deliver real-time near-bit data (inclination, azimuth, shock, RPM, gamma, confirmation of downlink)
  • Seamless integration for wide range of complex operations including azimuthal gamma, pressure, high temperature (175°C/347°F), Gyro While Drilling, and MicroGuide (High accuracy wellbore logging)
    Actuation obtained from internal power, ensuring no pressure drop or hydraulic inefficiencies
  • Supports on bottom communication should a deviation from plan be required – reducing disruptions to ongoing operations


  • Extreme Vertical Control
  • Low Angle Tangent (Nudge) Section
  • Horizontal Drilling and 3D Well Profiles
  • Tight Target Mining
  • Multi-Well/Pad Drilling
  • Improved Wellbore Integrity
  • Motor Assist

General Specifications

Hole sizes5 7/8" to 6¾"8 3/8" to 9 7/8"12 1/4" to 17½"
Maximum WOB30,000 lbs.53,000 lbs.70,000 lbs
Maximum Dog Leg12.5° per 100'6° per 100'3° per 100'
Maximum Rotary Speed250 rpm200 rpm150 rpm
Maximum Temperature150°C / 302°F150°C / 302°F150°C / 302°F
Kick-off AngleAnyAnyAny
Overpull350,000 lbs.500,000 lbs.1,000,000 lbs.
Drilling Fluid TypeAnyAnyAny
Maximum Sand ContentNo limitNo limitNo limit
LCM RestrictionsNoneNoneNone

WellGuide RSS Overview

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