Gyrodata’s new CAAT™ Surveyor provides continuous all-attitude surveying from vertical to horizontal and beyond – offering the highest degree of wellbore trajectory definition ever provided by the company.


Calibration stands in Aberdeen, Scotland

The new CAAT™ (Continuous All-Attitude Tool), part of Gyrodata’s X-4™ rate-gyroscopic suite of tools, provides continuous surveying from vertical to horizontal while moving in or out the well. The tool runs on wireline in casing, tubing or drillpipe, and it can be pumped down to horizontal. Field runs have matched the results of controlled environment testing in the laboratory.

CAAT™ X-4™ technology incorporates advancements in downhole sensors, electronics, software modeling and mechanisms to increase shock resistance, leading to significant gains in performance, speed, accuracy and reliability.

Advancements include

  • Ruggedized rate-gyro sensor and improved housing increases reliability, performance and accuracy.
  • New 4th generation electronics mounted on a single chasis improve system reliability and provide a higher sensor performance.
  • Significant overall system reduction in signal-to-noise ratio provides higher accuracy survey measurement.
  • The latest version of surface software processes the rate sensor data with new modeling techniques to enhance survey accuracy.
  • No rig time taken for field calibrations.


Type Continuous All-Attitude Tool (CAAT™)
Sensor Performance ±0.05° Inclination, ±0.1° Azimuth, ±0.05° Tool face (1 sigma)
System Performance SPE WPTS approved models
Inclination Range 0-180°
Tool Length 20ft (6m) average
Running Equipment Mono or Multi-conductor wireline
Max Running Speed Up to 500ft/min (152m/min) depending on well conditions
Tool Weight 165lbs (75 Kg.)