Gyrodata’s Advanced Logging Combination System is a major breakthrough in wellbore surveying instrumentation, providing operators with cost savings, a highly accurate wellbore delineation and enhanced positioning within the reservoir.

  • Logging combinations are now possible in horizontal cased and open holes.
  • Deployed using wireline, pipe conveyance or downhole tractors.
  • Simultaneous data transmission.
  • 22 Hz data sampling.
  • Measures exact wireline cable stretch.
  • Logging speeds are dependent upon the main logging tool.
  • 150 Deg C. rating for unlimited time.
  • 250 Deg C. high temperature option.

Design / Operation

A 3 3/8″ OD logging tool housing has been modified to contain a specially designed rate continuous gyro logging system cartridge, which enables simultaneous operation and data transmission with virtually all currently available open and cased hole logging tools.

Advantages / Benefits

  • Substantial rig time savings.
  • Better well placement within the reservoir.
  • Orientation of imaging tools.
  • Elimination of depth uncertainty between LWD, Wireline Logs and Gyro Surveys.
  • Improved positional accuracy.
  • Improved alonghole depth accuracy.
  • Very high resolution log provides exact wellbore profiling.
  • Orientation of wireline orientated perforating tools.
  • Highly accurate definitive true vertical depth versus gamma ray log for the well.
  • Identifies wellbore tortuosity, porpoising and micro doglegs.

Case histories

With over 2600 runs and 26 million feet surveyed worldwide as of January 2016, Geo-Guide ALC can be run with most major logging companies. Below are some examples of the kind of combinations run with the service.

  • Middle East, Schlumberger: 7″ liner and 6″ open hole, 9,800′, 30° Inclination Deviated Wireline Log, Geo-Guide ALC (Rate Continuous), Gamma Ray, Spherical Resistivity Tool, Dual Lateral Logging Tool.
  • Trinidad, Schlumberger: 9 5/8″ casing, 5,494′, 37° Inclination, Wireline Conveyed, Geo-Guide ALC (Rate Continuous), Gamma Ray, USIT.
  • Middle East, Baker Atlas: 9 5/8″ casing and 7″ liner, 12,000′, 92° Inclination, Pipe Conveyed, Geo-Guide ALC (Memory and Rate Continuous), CCL, Gamma Ray, Compensated Neutron, Acoustic Digitizer, Cement Bond Tool.
  • U.K. North Sea, Baker Atlas: 7″ liner and 5″ liner, 18,500′, 65° Inclination, Wireline Conveyed, Geo-Guide ALC (Rate Continuous), Gamma Ray, Cement Bond Log.
  • Mexico, PEMEX: 7″ liner, 14,072′, 21° Inclination, Wireline Conveyed, Geo-Guide ALC (Rate Continuous), Gamma Ray, Cement Bond Log.