Gyrodata’s rate-gyroscopic continuous system marks a major advancement in wellbore surveying, expanding the horizon to the world’s most challenging drilling projects – while lowering survey costs significantly with time savings.

Design / Operation

The continuous system performs definitive multishot surveys while moving through the well from 0° of inclination, instead of stopping at pre-determined points downhole:

  • Surveys in drillpipe, casing tubing or open hole.
  • Pumpdown capability to angles in excess of horizontal.
  • Speeds up to 300′ per minute cut survey time.
  • Measuring technique significantly enhances survey precision.

In addition to continuous operation, the system performs multiple survey functions at the well site for optimum economics:

  • Gyrocompass multishot surveying.
  • Directional orientation/steering.
  • Battery operation.
  • Combines with CCL, gamma and other logging tools.

Quality Assurance

Unique performance modeling procedures at the well site assure accurate operations.

Special Feature

Heat resistance: RGS-CT offers the highest heat capacity of any rate-gyro system available in the industry. While other tools use costly rig time pulling out to cool off prior to completing a survey, Gyrodata stays in the hole and gets the job done.


RGS-CT has been fully proven throughout the world – and gained the highest precision of any small diameter system in tests for major oil companies. Recently, RGS-CT performed a world-record horizontal well survey in Qatar – pumping down through drill pipe to traverse a 14,000 foot lateral section.


Type RGS Continuous
Sensor Performance ±0.05° Inclination, ±0.1° Azimuth, ±0.05° Tool face (1 sigma)
System Performance SPE WPTS approved models
Inclination Range 0-120° with pump down capability
Tool Length 10-22ft (3-6.7m) average
Max Survey Speed Up to 300ft/min (92m/min) depending on well conditions
Tool Weight 66-275lbs (30-125 Kg.)