The unparalleled accuracy delivered by MicroGuide provides you with the data needed to make highly informed decisions affecting the lifespan and work-over intervals of your well.

Gyrodata provides logging services that can be run standalone or in tandem with a high accuracy rate gyroscopic survey. The tools are run on Gyrodata truck and skid mounted wireline units with pressure control equipment provided. The major benefit of combination runs being a significant time and cost savings. In addition the quality of data provided by some logging tools is improved by knowing the orientation of the tool when data is recorded, the gyro provides this orientation. Gyrodata’s latest logging service is MicroGuide, a unique service focused on improved reliability of artificial lift by enhanced rod guide and submersible pump placement.


Logging Tools

  • Radial Cement Bond
  • Scintillation Gamma
  • Casing Collar Locator
  • Plug Setting Tools
  • Micro-Guide


3D Transversal Displacement Log

3D Transversal Displacement Log

Premature failure of artificial lift equipment is often the result of that equipment being placed in parts of the well that contain undetected micro-doglegs and high tortuosity. Current practice is for software to be used to recommend placement, but the wellbore inclination and direction data used is usually recorded at 100ft or more increments. This often means that sections with micro-doglegs and high tortuosity remain undetected and equipment is sometimes placed in those areas. Micro-Guide examines the well for micro-doglegs and tortuosity inch by inch, while moving continuously down the wellbore in real-time. Providing the required information to precisely determine the best location for ESP’s and rod guides.