The accurate evaluation of a well’s cement bond to both casing and formation is necessary to confirm the integrity of isolation between zones and avoid production problems.

The standard single transmitter Cement Bond Log (CBL) tool accurately determines casing bond by measuring the amplitude of the first arrival at the 3ft receiver. A deeper investigating 5ft receiver confirms the interpretation and also shows formation bond by a full Variable Density Log (VDL) wave display.

Gyrodata’s family of CBL tools come in a range of sizes to suite casings from 2-3/8 inch (60mm) to 14 inch (356mm). They can be configured to several timing schemes for different logging systems.


Cement Bond Logging

Cement Bond Logging Tool


  • Assessment of cement bond quality and hydraulic isolation
  • Locating top of cement (TOC)



  • Piezoelectric crystals used in transmitters and receivers
  • Wellbore and internal temperature sensors
  • 450°F (204°C) flasked versions available



  • 16-20 kHz signal provides optimal casing signal and data transmission
  • Canister architecture allows efficient and easy maintenance
  • Temperature sensors allow real-time tool quality control
  • Less fast formation intereference in cement mapping