The Magnetic Thickness Detector (MTD) is a 1-11/16 in. O.D. corrosion measuring instrument primarily run through tubing with the unique ability to simultaneously inspect tubing and the casing behind it.

The integrity of the casing string can be evaluated without neither the requirement for costly workover rig, nor the time consuming removal of the tubing string.



Magnetic Detection Tool

Magnetic Detection Tool

The MTD can also be used to inspect tubing, production liner and single and multi-layered casing strings. Comprised of four (4) different measurement sensors, the MTD provides an average metal thickness measurement for both the inner and the second tubulars, as well as identifies individual defects in both strings.

Integral Gamma Ray and wellbore temperature sensors allow accurate correlation and identification of temperature anomalies that may indicate holes or unexpected fluid flow. Combinable with Multi-Finger Caliper instruments, the two simul- taneously logged instruments provide a comprehensive evaluation for both inner and secondary tubulars.

Applications & Features

  • Quantitative evaluation of corrosion and damage of primary and secondary tubular up to 9-5/8 in.
  • Combinable with Multi-Finger Caliper to provide a comprehensive evaluation of inner and outer tubular conditions.
  • GR and temperature sensors included.
  • Inner and Outer thickness and corrosion evaluation using Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC).