Gyrodata’s MicroGuide™ high resolution tortuosity logging service delivers the most accurate wellbore depiction available by combining a proprietary tortuosity log with other industry-accepted measurements. This innovative analysis and representation log revolutionizes how production, drilling and completions challenges are addressed by providing greater insight into wellbore conditions, enabling the most informed decisions to be made when it matters most.

Diagram showing rotor and stator separation

– Provides detailed tortuosity and obstruction analysis
to identify the best possible placement of artificial lift
equipment and extend the life of the well

– Delivers high accuracy measurements and high
resolution imagery to improve modeling calculations
and drilling engineering, such as torque and drag
calculations, BHA modeling, and TVD corrections

– Seamlessly combines with our GeoGuide cased hole
logging services for a complete and in-depth depiction
of the wellbore casing integrity

– Generates customized well insight and analysis
reports, including 3D visualizations as well as standard
traditional log format presentations

    –  Torque & Drag Calculation
    –  Casing Wear Analysis
    –  BHA Design
    –  Torque & Drag Analysis
    –  Packer Placement & Setting
    –  Insertion Modeling
    –  Liner Seal Placement
    –  ESP & Conventional Pump Placement
    –  Precision Rod Guide Placement
    –  Tubing Tension Assessment
    –  Seating Nipple Location

Give your ESP and rod guides the greatest chance of success! Get in touch with us today to discuss how Gyrodata can make this happen.

Micro-Guide Demonstration

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