MicroGuide™ is a high density logging solution that combines tortuosity, micro dogleg, and maximum available tool OD to deliver a more accurate depiction of the wellbore.

This real-time data service revolutionizes how you address drilling, completions, and production challenges – providing greater insight into wellbore conditions and enabling you to make quicker and more informed decisions when it matters most.

Diagram showing rotor and stator separation

– Analyzes the well at resolutions less than 6 in intervals and a frequency of 22 hz, ensuring no anomalies are overlooked

– Calculates maximum ID measurements to enable optimal positioning of artificial lift equipment such as ESP or rod pumps into the straightest part of the well

– Optimizes torque and drag analysis mitigating casing wear, allowing extended laterals, and ultimately maximizing production

– Customized post-job insight package includes analysis such as 3D well modeling, obstruction analysis & usable ID, and traditional logs at requested intervals

– Combines with industry leading cased hole services to deliver greater detection in a single run

    –  Torque & Drag Calculation
    –  Casing Wear Analysis
    –  BHA Design
    –  Torque & Drag Analysis
    –  Packer Placement & Setting
    –  Insertion Modeling
    –  Liner Seal Placement
    –  ESP & Conventional Pump Placement
    –  Precision Rod Guide Placement
    –  Tubing Tension Assessment
    –  Seating Nipple Location

Give your ESP and rod guides the greatest chance of success! Get in touch with us today to discuss how Gyrodata can make this happen.

Micro-Guide Demonstration