OmegaX TM

The dawn of a new era in surveying  has arrived with the introduction of the OmegaX all-attitude solid-state drop gyro surveying system. Powered by Gyrodata’s ground-breaking SPEAR technology, it’s fast: only 32 seconds to measure the earth’s rotation and gravity fields. And since they are collected during pipe connections, surveys are acquired seamlessly with rig operations taking no additional time.  Equipped with an all new solid-state sensor that was internally developed over a ten-year period, the tool’s accuracy is unmatched and does not require regular calibrations and has no mass unbalance error. Quality control is more robust and can now also be verified independently by third parties. The OmegaX solid-state sensors are rugged, ensuring accuracy and reliability in high shock, high vibration and  high-temperature environments.

OmegaX reduces the Ellipse of Uncertainty eliminating the need for the added complexity and cost of Wireline Gyros, In-Field Referencing and Multi-Station Analysis corrections.


  • Data collection at 32second sequences for reduced rig time and is four times faster than other gyro providers.
  • The most precise gyro available with repeatable, highly accurate measurements from stable earth rate and gravity field, both constants and neither are affected by magnetic interference.
  • Survey sampling seamlessly occurs with rig operations requiring no additional rig time as the measurements are collected during pipe connections. OmegaX also serves as an independent survey for confirmation of borehole location, which eliminates the need for costly wireline services.
  • The new solid state C.V.G. sensor developed by Gyrodata is highly accurate, does not require regular calibrations, eliminating mass imbalance error present in spinning mass mechanical gyros. OmegaX results in a greatly reduced Ellipse of Uncertainty eliminating the need for the added complexity and cost of In-Field Referencing, Multi-Station Analysis corrections. Saving the cost of a rig day and the cost of the IFR + MSA .
  • Rugged solid-state sensors ensure reliability in high shock and vibration environments, jarring while pulling out of hole or back reaming.  OmegaX is capable of withstanding the harsh environments, streamlining daily operations that were once complex operational requirements.


  • Offshore & Onshore Drilling
  • Collision Avoidance
  • High Latitudes
  • East/West Drilling
  • Horizontal Drilling
  • Extended Reach Drilling
  • Survey Validation
  • Gross Error Detection
  • River Crossings

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