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Gyrodata Incorporated and all its subsidiaries and affiliates (all together referred herein as “Gyrodata”) has a clear mission “to be the preferred business partner for our three key constituents: our customers, employees and shareholders. This mission is made possible through Gyrodata’s relentless pursuit of the development and provision of best-in-class, technology-enabled services to our clients. These technologies and services provide clients with more accurate data, better downhole intelligence, and increased reliability; so that clients can operate more safely, efficiently, profitably and sustainably. In the pursuit of our mission, it is important for all employees to hold a common set of core values when dealing with business and personal relationships, including with our employees, associates, customers, suppliers, vendors, agents and shareholders. These core values are “We Love What We Do, We Own What We Do, We Act as if the World is Watching, and We Promote a Safe Environment and Healthy Workforce”

The guide to Gyrodata’s global conduct policy (“Code of Conduct”) is based on these values and contains the fundamental principles of how Gyrodata conducts business. All employees are expected to understand and appreciate the ethical considerations of our decisions, and through our actions and decisions, reaffirm our long-standing commitment to a culture of corporate and individual transparency, accountability, integrity, humility, and safety. Each of us makes decisions every day that may have financial, human and ethical implications. As a member of the Gyrodata community, it is important that we all read, understand and fully comply with our Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct emphasizes the personal responsibility each of us must act.

We know that there is no way to provide rules of conduct that will apply to every possible situation. We have established a broad values-based Code of Conduct which sets minimum goals and provides guidelines to cover the most common and most sensitive situations. Remember that Gyrodata has many other policies and rules that help us to enforce our shared values and principles, and that all of us are responsible for being familiar with all the policies and rules that apply to our job duties.

Gyrodata’s reputation is entrusted to each of us. Thank you in advance for your ongoing commitment to our shared values and your ethical leadership, which are vital to our continued business success.

Robert B. Trainer III
President and CEO