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High-Resolution Tortuosity Logging

MicroGuide Tortuosity Logging

From Spud to P&A

Identifying Undetected Tortuosity

Gyrodata’s MicroGuideTM is the industry’s only true tortuosity log. This high-resolution tortuosity logging service allows operators to easily identify anomalies in their wellbore in order to manage drilling, completion and production operations with ease. MicroGuide generates customized interpretations and analysis reports, including 3D visualizations of wellbore shape. MicroGuide services seamlessly combine with our GeoGuide cased-hole logging services to provide operators with a complete and in-depth depiction of the wellbore casing integrity.

MicroGuide provides a detailed tortuosity and obstruction analysis to identify the best possible placement of artificial lift and other equipment (such as electrical submersible pumps and rod lift equipment). This service extends the life of the well and minimizes costly workovers.

Markets & Applications

  • Drilling
    • BHA Design
    • Open Hole Analysis
    • Casing Wear
    • Drilling Dynamics
  • Completions
    • Torque & Drag
    • Insertion Modeling
    • Liner Seal
    • Placement
    • Packer Placement & Setting
    • Perforation Gun
    • BHA Optimization
  • Production
    • ESP Placement
    • Rod Guide Design & Placement
    • Tubing Tension
    • Seating Nipple Location
    • Subsidence Monitoring

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