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Data to Ensure Well Casing Integrity Excellence

GeoGuideTM provides best-in-class casing inspection and integrity logs that identify areas of casing damage and cement deterioration, which can lead to costly well production issues and repairs. Extremely high-density logs provide exact wellbore profiling to determine the true condition of the casing that contributes to the prolonged life of the well.

GyrodataÔÇÖs logging services can be combined with the MicroGuide to provide ┬áoperators with a highly accurate wellbore delineation and enhanced positioning within the reservoir so they can reduce downtime and keep production running smoothly.

Markets & Applications

  • Drilling, Completions & Production
  • Cased Hole Operations
  • Evaluation of Cement-to-Casing &┬áCement-to-Formation Bond Integrity
  • Determination of Compressive┬áStrength & Thickness of Cement
  • Identification of Channeling
  • Detection of Microannulus Presence
  • Identification of Zonal Isolation
  • Identification of Top of Cement (TOC)
  • Depth Determination & Correlation
  • Confirmation of Perforation Depths & Intervals
  • Depth Correction for Plug & Packer Setting
  • Identification of Casing Damage Location Assistance
  • Lithology Identification
  • Assess Casing Damage & Casing Deformation
  • Casing Decay Rate Calculation
  • Quantitative Evaluation of First & Second Pipe String Thickness
  • Leakage Detection
  • Location of Production & Injection Zones

Choose Your Spec:

Cement Bond Log

Cement Bond Log
Cement Bond Log Espa├▒ol

Casing Collar Locator

Casing Collar Locator
Casing Collar Locator Espa├▒ol

Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray
Gamma Ray Espa├▒ol

MultiFinger Caliper

MultiFinger Caliper 24-arm
MultiFinger Caliper 40-arm

Magnetic Thickness Detector

Magnetic Thickness Detector

Temperature Log

Temperature Log