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Gyro While Drilling

GyroGuide GWDTM

The Gold Standard in Real-Time Measurements

Delivering Unparalleled Capabilities

With over a decade of experience, Gyrodata has become the trusted partner for operators and major service providers worldwide to deliver real-time wellbore guidance. GyroGuide GWDTM  offers unequaled precision and accuracy, which mitigates risk and achieves substantial cost reduction.

GyroGuide GWD collects real-time survey data at all inclinations and in any direction, thus offering safe and accurate wellbore positioning. It also provides greater transparency during drilling operations, which aids decision-making and contingency planning, leading to improved hydrocarbon recovery.

Markets & Applications

  • Vertical, Directional, & Horizontal Drilling
  • Mining-Freeze Ring
  • Multi-Well Pad Drilling
  • Batch Setting
  • EOU Reduction
  • Magnetic Interference
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Infill Drilling
  • Casing While Drilling
  • Onshore Drilling
  • High Angle Drilling
  • Gross Error Detection/Survey Validation

Choose Your Spec:

GWD 40

Up to 40°

GWD 70

Up to 70°

GWD 90

Up to 90°


Up to 180°