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Quality of Service is one of Gyrodata’s greatest assets and we are committed to continually improving this competitive advantage.

Gyrodata delivers exceptional value to our clients through the use of a consistent repeatable Service Quality Management System. This global process encompasses all of Gyrodata’s service lines and ensures safe, effective and efficient quality practices are leveraged to eliminate nonproductive time for ourselves and our customers.

We invest in ongoing training to achieve the highest level of competencies in our personnel. Well-educated individuals combined with proper equipment and standardized operating procedures consistently achieve outstanding results.

Quality of service is one of Gyrodata’s greatest assets and we are committed to continually improving this competitive advantage.

Gyrodata is committed to being an industry leader in the area of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE).

Our commitment to HSE starts at the top of the organization, and we require active participation throughout all levels of the Company, which has resulted in a cultural adoption of HSE best practices. Gyrodata maintains a goal of zero HSE accidents or incidents; and we believe this is achievable through the systematic management of risk in our day-to-day activities.

Gyrodata pledges to:

  • Develop and support a safety culture throughout the organization.
  • Actively manage risk in our daily operations.
  • Provide the training, equipment and tools necessary to do the job correctly.
  • Encourage open communication of HSE incidents, observations and suggestions for improvement.
  • Respond quickly in the resolution and communication of HSE issues.
  • Act as an environmental steward.
  • Continually strive toward a goal of zero HSE incidents.

Our employees must at all times:

  • Own it! If an employee is aware of an incident or makes an observation, they are accountable to address the situation.
  • Take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them.
  • Follow Gyrodata HSE policies.
  • View HSE as an integral part of all activities.
  • Alert the team to any hazards that may lead to injury, or any observations that may make the worksite safer.
    Respect the environment in which we work.
  • Understand that they have the authority and responsibility to proactively Stop Work if there is an imminent threat to Health and Safety or to the Environment.

Gyrodata recognizes that we have a responsibility to the Health and Safety of our employees and those working around us; as well as a responsibility to the environment in which we operate. Accordingly, HSE is an integral part of our operations, and we will not compromise our HSE standards for any reason.