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Solid-State Gyro While Drilling

QuestTM Gyro While Drilling (GWD)

Powered by SPEARTM

A Revolution in Performance

To respond to the industry’s demand for more accurate wellbore placement, Gyrodata launched a new solid-state gyro-while-drilling (GWD) system powered by our SPEARTM technology. This ground-breaking technology powers our QuestTM GWD systems.

Quest GWD enables operators to mitigate the costly risk of a collision throughout complex drilling projects. This is achieved by delivering high-quality, accurate measurements that help operators avoid drilling into existing adjacent wells. The Quest GWD tool also substantially reduces the ellipses of uncertainty in real-time, up to 41%, which improves wellbore placement as a result of greater precision and accuracy. This improved performance helps operators avoid lease lines, mitigates frac hits, and enhances ability to hit hydrocarbon-rich target zones.

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