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GyroGuide Gyro While Drilling™ (GWD)

OmegaX ™ Hit The 1,000,000 Feet Run Milestone

Gyrodata Celebrates 40 Years


More Logging, Less Guesswork – Oilfield Technology Dec 2021 Article

Wellbore Tortuosity Logging Improves ESP Placement, Enabling Optimized Production

World Oil – March 2021 – Solid-state GWD system provides step-change in wellbore placement accuracy, collision risk mitigation

Oilfield Technology – Getting the Right Placement


Javelin-GWD Flyer

Cased Hole Logging Brochure

Quest GWD Flyer

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Case Studies

MicroGuide Log Analysis Allows Client To Redesign Two Logging Strings And Get Information For Modeling Stress And Expected Failure Time Of Casing In Wells Due To Geological Shifting

Quest GWD Enables Drilling Of SAGD Paired Wells With 24 ft TVD Separation

Quest Saves Customer $130K Through POB Reduction And Decreases Carbon Impact Of Operation

MicroGuide Log Locates An Optimal Location For Setting An ESP Deeper Than Originally Proposed


CAAT™ Continuous Surveyor

Quest GWD Top Mount Spec Sheet

Quest GWD Retrievable Mount Spec Sheet

Quest GWD Spec Sheet

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Registro Giroscópico en Tiempo Real

Technical Briefs

SPE/IADC-140192-Improving the Quality of Ellipse of Uncertainty Calculations in Gyro Surveys to Reduce the Risk of Hazardous Events Like Blowouts or Missing Potential Production Through Incorrect Wellbore Placement

SPE/IADC-103734-The Reliability Problem Related to Directional Survey Data

SPE/IADC-105558-High-Integrity Wellbore Surveys: Methods for Eliminating Gross Errors

AADE-19-NTCE-101 High Density Continuous Gyroscopic Surveying