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Technical Briefs

SPE/IADC-140192-Improving the Quality of Ellipse of Uncertainty Calculations in Gyro Surveys to Reduce the Risk of Hazardous Events Like Blowouts or Missing Potential Production Through Incorrect Wellbore Placement

SPE/IADC-103734-The Reliability Problem Related to Directional Survey Data

SPE/IADC-105558-High-Integrity Wellbore Surveys: Methods for Eliminating Gross Errors

AADE-19-NTCE-101 High Density Continuous Gyroscopic Surveying

SPE-190935-MS MicroGuide RodGuide Placement

SPE/IADC-SPE-173081-MS GyroGuide GWD High-Angle-East West Lake Worth,TX

SPE-133417 – High-Integrity Wellbore Surveying