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SPEAR™ | Solid-State Gyro System

The next evolution in gyro technology has arrived. After years of research, Gyrodata has introduced SPEAR™, an innovative, solid-state technology for gyroscopic surveying. This technology includes a sensor package to determine the earth’s rotational rate. The sensors precisely and accurately determine true inclination, azimuth and orientation of your well.

SPEAR technology stands out from our conventional mechanical technology because it is more robust and has shorter surveying times.

SPEAR technology powers our new OmegaX™ drop gyro surveying system as well as our new gyro while drilling system, Quest™ GWD. The SPEAR sensor is able to withstand harsh downhole conditions, such as shock and vibration. With this solid-state technology, surveys are provided with significantly improved accuracy even in the most extreme conditions.

Gyrodata’s patented SPEAR technology is advancing the power of precision when it comes to reducing errors, minimizing costs, and optimizing wellbore placement. Overall, SPEAR’s cutting-edge technology provides operators with Speed, Precision, Efficiency, Accuracy and Reliability.